Cardona y Tradiciones

The culture of wine is linked to that of our land, our origins and identity.

Getting to know the grape varieties, grapes, maturation processes, flavors and smells of Bages wines will allow us to share an enriching experience for our senses.

The Hotel Bremon offers visits to wineries in the Bages area, where you can learn about the wine culture of the area. As well as workshops of wine madiraje, to savor and know how to enhance the best of our wines and local foods.

Bodegas Abadal in Cardona, Tradition and Modernity

Visit the Abadal Wineries: One of the wineries that you can visit is the Abadal Winery, one of the most important in Bages. The beauty of the winery and its surroundings make Abadal an essential visit, captivating the dense landscape of forests and vineyards that surround it.
Parallel to the conventional visit of the old and current wineries or the private collection of means of transport, we can organize all kinds of events, wine tasting with the winemakers responsible for the farm, pairings, gala dinners …

Masía Llobet de Valldeperes A very special farmhouse in Cardona

Visit to the Masía Llobet de Valldeperes: An attractive visit different from the rest of the wineries that you may have visited previously. In Masía Llobet de Valldeperes from 1606 you can walk with Josep Canals, oenologist and owner of the farm, among its vineyards, where he will teach us the different varieties of vines and grapes, their leaves, colors …